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What is your return policy?

As we pay out vendors bi-weekly and they keep 100% of the sale, All sales are final

We do not accept returns or exchanges at the Made for Me Marketplace 

Some vendors may provide replacements. Please contact Made for Me Marketplace in these cases 

Who can be a vendor?

We encourage all vendor types to apply to the Made for Me Marketplace :)

We do not accept any cannabis or psychedelic mushroom vendors 

Only shelf-safe edible items are accepted in-store (ex. chocolates, sauces, etc)

 We invite you to submit an application 

Do all products need to be Artisan?

In addition to handmade artisan goods, we also allow vintage re-sellers and custom alterations

How does the business model work?

We rent shelf space to vendors and sell their product on their behalf. Vendors will be paid bi-weekly via e-transfer, accompanied by a detailed sales report. A 7% markup before tax will be added to the vendor's provided pricing breakdown to cover associated costs. Made for Me Marketplace does not take a commission on sales; vendors receive 100% of the agreed-upon price of products. Made for Me Marketplace will handle tagging and selling items on behalf of the vendor. No specific sales volume is guaranteed.

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How long does the rental last?

There is an initial 2-month commitment period before the agreement transitions to a month-to-month basis.This initial commitment period is an integral part of our collaborative effort.

This commitment reflects our shared dedication to fostering a successful partnership.

Payment for the initial 2 month commitment is required up front, within a 7-day window of receiving the contract and invoice 

Termination of the rental requires a minimum of 30 days' notice.

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